Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week #8 - Last one in the Bogotá MTC

So I´m on  my last week in the CCM and it´s kinda freaking me out, but I want to leave this place really really really bad. I feel like I´ve lived here my whole life. I´m super excited to get out into the field, even though I´m not going to know Spanish I just want to get out.

{Barranquilla is on the Northern coast of Colombia}

Things are going good with the native roommates, they always ask new phrases in English and help with Spanish. English is very dificult to teach with all the different sounds with letters and phrases. No me gusta.

This Saturday we´re going out proselyting again and my companion is going to be Elder De Horta and Elder Adair again! Super pumped for that, and it´s the same area so hopefully I can get some more empanadas. I´m not nervous this time though. 

American´s still dominate in sports, it gets a little boring, but we´re making it through. I´ll probably get schooled in soccer once I get out into the field anyway so I´m trying to savor the wins.

Today we went to the temple again so now I´ve gone through more times in Spanish than in English.
Really like last week nothing much has happened. We sit in class for a dumb amount of hours each day. We try to get our teachers to buy us Taco Bell or McDonalds. I´ve tried bribing them with gum from America but it never works. Getting pumped to leave, this place is kinda feeling like prison compared to Provo.

I think out in the field that my p-days are on Monday´s but i´m not completely sure so it may be a little while before the next email! Love you all! Abrazos y besos!

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