Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coming Up on My 1-Year Anniversary!

July 22, 2013

Hey!! How´s it going! This week has been pretty good, we´ve had some great lessons and even one investigator, Soraya. She said that she wants to be baptized! That should be happening next week! 

We also had an intercambio with the zone leaders because my comp is the district leader. I had to go the other area and OH MY GOSH!!!.... we walked sooooo much! I was dying, sweating, crying, and tired! Such a long day, but it was fun to have the little cambio. 

This week I also received my other shoe in the mail, so I finally went out working in real shoes!!!! The first time in almost 2 months!! But the bummer is that I think that I have another ingrown toenail and I´ll probably have to go to the hospital again. :( 

In the shoe package was the new "Pass the Pigs" game and it is pretty sweet! We´ve played it quite a bit. It still makes everyone angry, but it´s fun to play. Today for pday we´re going to go walking around the city/centro to check out some cool stuff. 

Not too much to report week. We´ve just been working hard, trying to find new people to teach and help the others progress. Sorry this letter is short, we´re kinda in a rush to leave to hit the town. 

Dad - Thanks for the letter! I love getting the photo updates from the week! It makes me feel like I´m not missing out on so much. You´re not even that old! Whenever someone sees your picture they always think that you and mom and super young! So keep it up! Your vacations are sounding super nice, especially while I´m here sweating. But I know we´ll have some fun times when I get back! I don´t have a lot of time to write today because we are going to play games. I love you!

I love you all!!! Abrazos y besos!!

One Shoe is a No Show

July 15, 2013

Hey!! Hows it going?? This week hasn`t been super eventful because we don`t have a lot of investigators. So we just contacted.....a lot. 

We did have zone conference and I got a package with one of my shoes, some toe cream, and a hacky sack. I`ve been waiting for the other package that has my other shoe in it. It's here in Barranquilla, I just have to wait for the secretary to take the package out of the mail place. This entire week I`ve just been rocking my Addidas sandals like normal. 

We had interviews with the president and his wife on Thursday. While I was talking with Sister Searle, my comp was talking with the  president, then we switched. With Sister Searle we just spoke in English the whole time and talked about how the mission was going, how I felt about it and then we talked about stuff back home. 

Then with President Searle we talked about how I was feeling with my personal conversion. They are both really good people and really nice. 

We`ve found some new people to teach, but it`s been really tough this week. We`ve literally spent almost all the days`s feet kill at the end of the day and because I`m wearing sandals, the mosquitos just eat my feet. I`m really hoping I get that other shoe soon. 

That is pretty much the report for this week. I`m sorry that nothing too eventful has happened this week, just contacting and contacting and sweating. 

I love you all! Abrazos y Besos!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Toe-tally Surgical!

July 8, 2013

Well this week was pretty similar to last week. I had to get my toenail cut again, so I only left the apartment to work one day.  I had the craziest experience when I went to get my nail cut. The (old man) doctor that usually cuts my toes wasn`t there, so we talked to another guy who told me that I had to come back the next day for `surgery`.

We went back to the clinic on Friday and I went to the surgery room. I had to leave my comp to go to a separate room where I had to strip down and put on a hospital gown and wait in a big blue chair until a nurse came and put an IV in my hand!!! After waiting even longer, they put me in a wheel chair and carted me off to the operating room. We got to the OR and I had to move from the wheel chair to the operating table. During that process a lot of people saw my butt.

Once on the table they hooked me up to a heart monitoring machine, put the finger heart monitor device on, and then put another thing on my right arm to test my blood pressure. While they were doing that, there were two other nurses that were washing my leg and foot. To top it all off, they put an oxygen mask on my face! Yes, all of this happened just for an ingrown toenail.

They finished with the anesthesia and then cut the nail.  I thought that everything was over at that point, but no.... I was carted off to another sick-  people room where I had to wait for another 30 minutes. Oh and by the way, all of these rooms were extremely cold! So there I was just chilling in my wheel chair, freezing to death, losing the feeling in my hands, listening to people groan / cry. It was awful!  After what seemed like forever, they let me go change and then we left the hospital. I have never been so happy to be out in the heat before!

The next few days I just chilled in the house and wasn't able to do much. The 4th of July wasn`t quite the same here in Colombia, but we hung up the flag and sang some American songs to feel like we were home a little bit. That is really it for last week's update.

This week we have a Zone Conference and I`m going to receive a package and some letters!!!!

So I`ll let you know what I get next week!

love you all! Abrazos y Besos!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Price Smart!

July 1, 2013

This Sunday was great because we got to meet the new mission president! President and sister Searle are in our ward so I think that every Sunday we`ll get to see them. He isn`t as tall as I thought he would be, but he is super nice and so is his wife. The President knows quite a bit of spanish, but his wife doesn`t.  But I didn`t either when I got here so I`m sure she`ll learn fast...hopefully. 

We had some changes in the ward and now there are only 8 missionaries in the ward. Our area is HUGE so the office is going to figure out how to divide our area or add another companionship. Not sure what`s going to happen. 

Also, this past week no one had money in the house. We had to go the the office and clinic a bunch of times, so I had to take out money last week. This morning I withdrew some more money because we are going to PRICESMART!!!! Basically it`s just like Costco!! I`m going to be in heaven!!!! 

We went to Pricemart and a few things I need to clarify:
 1- It`s Price Smart, but everyone says it together so I had it wrong. 2- IT IS AMAZING!!!!! It`s just like a Costco!!! I was in heaven!!!!!! Also, there were about 20 other missionaries there shopping too so we saw quite a few people there. It was also raining like crazy after we finished shopping, so there was a super river in the street in front of our house and our back patio started to flood.

Okay this letter is going to be super lame and for a good reason.....We didn`t go out to work very much this week. Basically the cotton material that the doctor shoved under my toenail has been bugging me / hurting, so we went to the office to have the secretary look at it. The next day we went to the clinic and the doctor lady just told me that we really can`t take out the cotton balls, but gave me a cream and more pills that I need to take. 

Two times a day I have to take pills and put a cream on my toes so they don`t get infected.  I`m still working in my flippy floppies! These sandals have MILES on them, they`re amazing. 

Love you all! I`ll talk to you later!! Abrazos y Besos!!!!