Monday, October 22, 2012

Pictures and Letter from Cartagena

This week has been pretty good. We´ve had some days that we´ve just been rocking then others where we barely have any lessons and no one wants to talk to us. Weather has been better/ I´m getting used to it a little more. I´m still sticky all the time, but it´s not as bad as the first week. Sometimes during the day a big rain cloud will pass over and just pour for 10 minutes then be gone. It´s super random.

Language is getting better, I can understand and talk a little more. There are still a ton of things that I can´t talk about. People always as me about food and the different types that are here and what I like, but I don´t know the words for all the different foods so I just say that we don´t have it in the states. Also one kid always asks me different names of animals but I don´t know those either so he tries to act out what it is. Also people will always ask me to talk English to them and they thinks it´s funny that they have no idea what I´m saying, but I´ve had a few people want me to help them learn English. One guy wants to read the bible in English, but we´re going to take him a Book of Mormon to read instead. 

We´ve had a few lessons where there is the tv on or music playing next door and it´s awful, I can´t focus at all, especially when the music is in English and the movies are Lord of the Rings and 2012. 

I´m kinda tired right now. Didn´t get a ton of sleep because the power went off at 2 in the morning which meant my fan stopped working at 2 in the morning and it didn´t come back on till like 5:30. 

We also went to a chapel overlooking Cartagena today, it´s called Convento Santa Cruz de La Popa so I´ll send some pictures too. 

This week though I saw a guy just walking around wearing a cement bag, there was a karate tournament at the church and saw some guys get absolutely destroyed, but ya, that´s about it for this week. Not super eventful. Love you all! Abrazos y besos

A Link to all pictures is:  Cartagena Pictures

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