Monday, November 5, 2012

El Libro de Mormón

Good-ish week, had some rockin' lessons, but had a lot of uninterested people. Doing better with the Spanish, feeling more comfortable until the people start talking about different kinds of foods and animals. 

We had interviews with the mission president this week so he brought some letters with him. I got them from Granny, Clint, Tyler, Tori Faulkner, Mindy, and the 'dearelder' one from dad. We usually only get mail once a month when the zone leaders have meetings with the president but since he came here he brought them. 

We had some elders move out of the apartment to a new one so we only have 4 in it now, feels more empty, but now we aren`t as pressed for time to shower in the mornings. Last week though, our water was shut off for like a day so we couldn`t wash dishes, shower, or flush the toilet.. 

Weather this week was brutal, it would sprinkle rain then just be clear skies and crazy humid. I was dying. When we are in lessons I just fan myself with a pass along card until the people feel bad for me and bring out a fan. 

Ya, nothing really huge has happened this week. I am getting more and more tired during the days, nights go by way too fast, but days go by quickly too. Oh! My Book of Mormon broke, so I`m scared it`s just going to fall apart in a lesson. I don`t know what to do or where to go to get it fixed though. 

Ya that`s it, Love you all! Abrazos y besos!    

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