Monday, January 28, 2013

Toe-tally Laid Up Week!

January 28, 2013

What´s up family! This week was pretty uneventful since I stayed inside the entire week. To reacap what happened last Monday.... I told the zone leaders that my toes were still hurting badly and that I had two more ingrown toenails. We weren´t doing anything so we took off to the Clinica. We got there and I told the doctor that they were hurting really badly and needed to have them cut again. He responded that we needed to take out the nail, so that´s what they did. 
Me the morning after the took out my toenails. I look like I´m going to die because I didn't sleep during the night because my toes were throbbing and killing me!
Elder Molina, my doctor, cleaning my toes
First, they shot my toes up with a pantload of anestesia (Even two toes that they didn´t do anything with), then wrenched off my toe nails. It was freaky to watch. Later we got home and I started feeling a little pain, but not much until I went to bed. My toes were throbbing and hurt superbadly so I didn´t sleep much at all that night. 

Changing the bandages was heck the first time. I changed them everyday so my toes never looked like the sith lord again. Then again on Thursday, we went back to the Clinica to get another toenail cut and another ´cleaned´ which they just scraped my toes and it hurt really bad. 

We lucked out and got two kids from another ward to come and be mini misionaries with us during the week, Sammy and Adrian. They switched off days one going out with my comp and the other staying with me. I taught them some of the missionary lessons and answered questions that they had. 

Also, because there wasn´t really anything to do and studying got boring really fast, I watched 17 Miracles about 5 or 6 times. Great movie. 

The zone leaders had intercambios with some of the asistents (I don´t know if that is spelled right) to the presidents so they brought some packages from the office. No letters which kinda bummed me out because I know that I have letters from Granny. But ya, one package from Mom with bananagrams (which I got owned in), the ipod for my comp, speakers, and the photo albums! Also one from Grandma and Grandpa Allred with a ton of M&Ms!!! Greatest thing ever to eat during 17 Miracles! I really didn´t do much during the week, feel really lazy. 

But yesterday we finally had an investigator come to church!!! I was so happy! She only came for sacrament and left after because she had to work but hey, She came to church! That´s good enough for me right now.
Ya, that´s about it for this week, really not much happened. I'm going to see how well wearing shoes goes today, I really don´t want to stay in the house anymore. We´ve got transfers coming tomorrow and I´m thinking that I´m going to be staying here because my comp has to go to the office in Barranquilla to have surgery. He has a cyst where no man should ever have one. Also, this next transfer is going to be 8 weeks long because of the whole schedule shift in the MTC. 

Until next week! Hopefully my toes heal up quick! Spanish is getting better each week.  Abrazos y besos!
Nug on the Gridiron - 2002.

NOTE:  I had to include a "happier" picture of Nathan!

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