Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Baptism of Janeth!!!

February 25, 2013

Panoramic of Cartagena.
Hey! So recap from last pday we went to the castillo again and it was still super sweet. We went to the Centro before and ate Subway, which is really expensive. 

Los Zapatos de Cartagena
But the craziest thing was when we came back to the internet place Elder Anderson threw up. It was pretty funny, but turned out he was really sick so not so funny after. 
Elder Anderson - Barf-o-Rama

Nug - Yoga Master.
The week started out super awesome until I called the office becasue my toe problems still continue and the office told me to go get them cut by a lady that gives pedicures.... ya. Wasn´t happy about that, and was even more unhappy when the lady was cutting them. Apparently I got the short end of the stick on the gene pool because my toenails naturally grow ingrown... yay. 

It hurt soo bad because she basically did was the doctor did, just without anestesia. I almost cried, but held it together, but I didn´t go out that day because I couldn´t really walk with shoes. 

Nathan & Janeth.
Janeth & her son Lincoln.

Saturday was awesome because we had a baptism!! Janeth! It was great! She was super excited for it and everything went good. Happy to see the changes in her life. Now we just have to get other people to commit to baptism! 

Nathan, Janeth and Nathan's Compation Elder Ortiz (from Barranquilla)

This week were going to be working hard to get some dates set, so hopefully everything goes well. We didn´t really do anything for pday, just went and printed off some pictures and chilled. I think we might go do something fun next week. 
Captain Jack Sparrow.

Well that´s kinda it for this week, nothing else really happened, but I´m kinda sick right now so I´m super sniffly in the lessons and just try not to cough. 

Love you all! Abrozos y Besos!

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