Tuesday, October 1, 2013


September 30, 2013

Hey! How`s it going! This week has been pretty great! Actually it didn't start out too well because last Monday we ate chicken for lunch and when we left to start working, I wasn`t feeling very well. We came back home and I threw up a lot.  But other than that the week was great! 

We had an intercambio on Tuesday and I got to know the area of Turbaco a little bit better. The only problem was that I had to sleep in Elder Anderson`s bed, which is super small, so sleeping was awful. It has also been raining a lot here. A lot, a lot, like the heavens opening up and bringing the rain kind of rain. One nice thing with the rain is that the temp drops so it`s not so terribly hot. 

We had an awesome experience with one of our investigators, Eloisa. She has been kinda iffy on whether she was going to get baptized on Saturday. We talked with her for quite a while on Friday. We all met at the church for the lesson so we went all out. We wore suits, we had the bishop there, the zone leaders and the baptismal font right next to us. But even after all of that she still wouldn`t commit. We were a little frustrated because she seemed really ready to be baptized. 
Every companionship had a baptism

Later in the afternoon we stopped by Eloisa's house to talk with her a little bit more. After talking a while, we ended with the decision that she was going attend to a baptism that night (Friday), watch it, and depending on what happened and how she felt she would tell us if she was going to be baptized on Saturday. So we went, and Eloisa was there also. 

 During the service she didn`t look super amazed, but after it ended we went to ask her how she was feeling. To our surprise she just asked us what time the baptismal service was Saturday and what did she need to bring for her baptism!! I just started geeking out...we were all soo happy! 
Elder Anderson and I

Saturday, Eloisa and two other investigators (from the other missionaries) were baptized! Eloisa chose me to baptize her. That was another great experience to be in the water again. It was just amazing to see how God answered her and that she was able to make the decision to be baptized! I`m so happy that I was able to be part of the process too. 

Also, the zone has been doing great and we completed our goal for baptisms! We`re going to be having a zone pday... Which means we might be playing soccer!!! Finally! We also completed our district goal, so we are going to watch a Disney movie! Dance Dance Dance Awe$ome! 

This week has been pretty exciting, a lot of baptisms and a lot of work. Today(p-day)  we went to Cartagena, McDonalds and a little mall in the Castellana (where I always went when I was in Alpes). We just walked around, printed off pictures, and chilled. It was nice to just relax. This week we should be having zone conference so I will hopefully be getting mail. 

I`m also getting excited for General Conference! That`s about it for this week! Thanks for all the support! Love you all! 

Abrazos y besos!

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