Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Holy Hills!

September 23, 2013

Hey! What´s up? This week has been alright. We´ve spent a lot of time contacting and walking. Our area is pretty big and there is a part that has a ton of hills so I feel like I´m going to die at the end of the day, but it´s great here. The people are really receptive here (better than my last area in Barranquilla) so I´m happy to be out here. 

This week no one came to church, which was a bummer, but I saw Carlos at church!!! Carlos Leon is the kid that I helped baptize a year ago!! It was so awesome to see him. He was visiting for the weekend, and when I saw him I freaked out and kept telling my comp that I knew him. It made me really happy to find out that he is still active in the church and that his family is also still active. 

We don´t have a ton of investigators in our area so we´ve been spending a lot of time knocking doors and talking with people in the street. My comp is kinda shy / lacks the confidence to talk to the people so I have to do a lot of the talking. We´ve had some really good lessons this week too. 
And I wonder why the power always goes out when it rains?!

One lesson that was just super awesome was with a lady named Luicel. She came to church last week, but only stayed for 2 hours, so we didn´t have time to ask her how it went. We stopped by her house to visit her and while we were talking to her she told us that while she was at the church she ´felt something´, something that she didn´t think that she would feel (The spirit). We talked with her more about that / it being an answer that the church was true and she told us she thinks that it´s true also. Luicel now has a baptismal date for October and she is very excited to go back to church and to keep learning more. We´re really happy about her progress!

We might have a baptism this Saturday too for Eloisa. She isn´t sure because she still lives with her parents and she is kinda scared to talk to them about baptism. We´ll find out tonight if it is going to happen. So fingers crossed. 

That´s pretty much all for this week. Not a ton happened and this week....  we´ll just be hitting it hard contacting. 

Love you all! Abrazos y besos!

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