Monday, December 30, 2013

Almost La Navidad

December 23, 2013

Multi Zone Christmas activity

Hey! What´s up? This week has been pretty good. 
Crepes and Waffles with President Searle

Tuesday we had our Christmas activity with the mission president. We went into Cartagena to a church called La Pie de la Popa. We started out by watching the Incredibles!!! And yes, it was incredible! I miss watching movies....  it was great, I really like that movie. 

After the movie we walked over to Caribe Plaza, a mall close by, and ate at Crepes and Waffles. It´s funny because whenever I think of a restaurant that sells waffles, I think of the Waffle House back home (so not very good quality), but here it´s super fancy. I ate a mexican chicken crepe... Super awesome! 

After eating we went back to the chapel, listened to some messages, sung some songs, and came back to Turbaco at 7:30. Super Fun Day. The rest of the week we spent contacting and teaching and trying to find those chosen ones of God. 

The only problem is that now the parties are starting. The other day we couldn´t even cross a street to get to our area because there was a huge parade going through town. Yesterday no one came to church so that was a bummer. We tried passing by people´s houses to see why they weren't at church, but many weren´t home. 

Christmas for the district
Today for pday we watched ICE AGE 4!!! It was great! I kept thinking of dad saying ´Sid the sloth´.   Also I got the package today! Elder Bastos hooked me up and sent it here so now I have your presents and don´t worry mom, I didn´t open anything yet. I´m going to wait until the 25th. 

This week is going to be a little slow as far as missionary work because alot of people go out of town and what not. Also,  there is a big wooden stadium that they put up to have bull fights so it´ll be interesting to see what happens there.  I´m really looking forward to the Skype call! Thursday! 

I love you all so much! Feliz Navidad! Abrazos y Besos!

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