Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Soccer, Pancakes & Cheap Marriages

January 27, 2014

Well this week has been pretty good. We talked with Carmen and Osvaldo and they said that they want to get married this week, so we´ll be working hard to help them get married. We found a guy in Cartagena that can marry people fast and cheap so we´re trying to get everything in order with that.
 We´ve also been contacting a lot, trying to find some new people to teach. We´ve found a couple of families and are really excited to teach them this week. This week has been super hot so we try to use that to help us get into the houses. We figure if we look like we´re dying someone will give us a chair so that we can sit down and rest. 
Typical Breakfast

Things are going great with my new comp (Elder Ariza) with studying, teaching, and contacting. It´s fun to train. 

On Friday we had interviews with the president and as always they were running late. We lost a lot of time that day, but the interview was good - Well we mostly just talked about how my comp was doing and he always asks how my best convert is (aka myself). President tells me that he has a lot of confidence in me so that makes me feel really good. We talk about the family sometimes, studies...a little bit of everything.  We also talked more about the end of the mission more than anything this time. I also mentioned Kurt too, so hopefully we can be in the same district or zone. 

This morning we played soccer again with some young men and the first consejero (still can´t spell that), it was really fun. I miss playing soccer a lot! :(. 

Fútbol Gang
Hey,  I´m kinda realizing that my letters are getting shorter, so this next week I´ll write down everything that has been happening so that my letters are more interesting. 

Apartment "Art"
Today during p-day we didn´t do much.We just hit up the streets of Turbaco seeing what it has to offer. I bought some little Dragon balls figures for a buck so that was a complete score.  I also bought this artwork for our apartment.  Each poster was 50 cents! I think that next Monday we´re going to do a big district pday and go to the Popa (fingers crossed for that). 
More "Art"

Hey! I love you all!                                                         Abrazos y besos!

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