Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Castle Week

February 3, 2014

Hermanas Huatuco, Thomas; Elder Gallardo, Otteson, me, Ariza
Hello! How´s it going? This week has been very hot and exhausting. We´ve been walking a ton these last few days to visit the less active ward members and other investigators.

A bit of bad news... Carmen and Osvaldo didn´t get married this week. They still need to get some papers ready and the biggest hurdle is the $$. They are hoping that they will have everything ready in 2 weeks, so we have our fingers crossed for that!
Botas Viejas

Hermanas Huatuco, Thomas; Elders Otteson, Gallardo, me, Ariza
We´ve been working with Osvaldo´s son, who is also called Osvaldo. He moved here about two weeks ago, but doesn´t have a lot of friends. We stopped by with some young men from the ward and invited him to some activities. He was super excited to do stuff with other kids in the ward and at church yesterday he was with the young men.  We´ll continue working with Osvlado (jr) this week.

This week we´ve also been leaving to work with the members, some of the young men and with the 1st consejero. When we left with the consejero we had a very long day, but had some great lessons. We were able to pass by some less active members, that weren´t really receptive to us before, but with the 1st consejero they were more willing to talk with us.

The mission has put a lot of focus on reactivating members so we´ll be doing more of that. At church yesterday we had 4 investigators come which was great! Now we just need to help them all get baptized.

Also, yesterday we went to Cartagena to have a "Rescue", basically visiting less active members, but there was also another activity going on in the stake center. Turned out to be only about 5 members who were able to go on splits with the 40 missionaries. Basically we spent a lot of time contacting in the area of the other missionaries.

Today we had a super awesome pday and the whole district went to the castillo (Castle)!! Super cool! I went there last year, but it´s still fun to walk around there in Cartagena. Really good pday. This week we´re going to be focusing our efforts with Carmen and Osvaldo.

I love you all! Abrazos y besos!

So I told a member that I really like these kind of shirts so they got me one! I know you´ll all love it!
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