Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Working Away Again in Santa Marta Ville

April 21, 2014

Hey! How`s it going! Well this week has been better and worse at the same time than last week. Better because we are getting to know the area more and getting to know more members, but worse because this week was Semana Santa (Holy Week), which means that everyone goes out of town for vacations. That has made it a lot more difficult to teach people and to contact. 

Even though that took us down a notch, we were able to have success with the church attendance. We are teaching a lady named Lucila and her kids Darlin (female) and Edison (male). They live pretty far from the church, (about an hour walking distance) but they left early Sunday morning and all attended. We`ll be working more with them this week to help them progress. 

Elder Quispe & Nathan
This week we had an awesome conference with an Area 70,  Elder Wadell. It was a really great conference. He talked a lot about our purpose here on the earth and in the mission. He explained that our purpose really isn`t to just baptize people, but they need to go to the temple to make more covenants with God and to be sealed as a family. Made me grateful to be together in the church with our whole family. 

Also I got my birthday package!! Thank you! I`m totally going to go back home with a blazing white smile!(crest whitening strips) Also people go crazy here for the chocolates, so those are all gone. Dad, thanks for the little business cards, they are super awesome! I love handing them out to people. Oh, and I love the little Stinger Waffles - they're great!

After the missionary conference with Elder Wadell, all the branches came for another meeting where Elder Wadell explained more about how we need to work in the branch to have the most success and help more people. So now our branch is working a lot harder to bring people back and help the converts to progress. Elder Quispe(my comp) had the amazing opportunity to have a special interview (randomly chosen) with Elder Waddell. Eler Quispe is getting better with all the mission stuff and adapting quickly.

So that`s kind of it for this week. For pday we went to a mall called Buena Vista to buy food for the week and walk around. Most days we eat Rice and meat. We just buy our own food for breakfast and dinner. 

For exercise & working out, it`s going good. Here in this house there is a pull up bar so that made me happy.  We do not do a lot of jogging because my comp is always super tired in the morning,
Santa Marta en La Noche

It`s still a drought here in Santa Marta so hopefully we`ll be getting some rain soon. 

I love you all! Abrazos y besos!

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  1. Keep up the good work, Nathan! We are thinking and praying for you constantly!