Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Food Week + Moth Mania

April 28, 2014

Hey! How`s it going?? I hope super great! I was really pumped to hear that Megan put in her papers!!!! I can`t wait to find out where she is called to serve! 

This week has been a pretty good one. We`ve been going on visits with the members so that they can show us around the area and introduce us to some less active members and other members that we don`t know yet. Our area doesn`t have as many hills as Turbaco had, but the hills that we do have here are very steep so we`re usually exhasusted by end of the day. My comp is acclimating to the mission a bit better.  The heat really hit him hard, but he`s feeling better now. 

Oh, a couple of things about the food here - I love it!  One of my favorites is called a salchipapa.  Basically on the bottom there are french fries, then they use a bunch of condiments, then add on meat - chicken or hot dogs (cut) and lastly a little layer fries on`s fantastic... I don`t know why we don`t have it in the states!  Another thing that I like is something called 'pizza vomito.'  It`s a super pizza with meat, veggies and I don`t know what else. It`s huge and amazing!

This week we also had interviews with the president. The interview went well, we mostly talked about what I`m going to do after the mission and how things are going. I really like interviews with President Searle, he`s a really good guy.  He called me his "accordion man" (his guy  that he just puts where he needs help) so that made me feel really good. 
Pizza Vomito

Our branch is improving with the attendance rising and having better Branch councils. We just need to keep going and working hard with them. This week I didn`t get sick, I just was coughing a lot, a lot, a lot!  My voice became super raspy like an old smoker, which in the end made it difficult for people to understand me. They kept saying that I talked with a funny accent. But don`t worry mom, I`m better now! 

Today we got up early in the morning to go play soccer with some other missionaries. It was really fun, but I started coughing a lot while I was running so I decided to chill with another missionary, Elder White. We just talked about movies which made me excited to see all the new movies that are going to be coming out. 
Sami's Favorite Thing - Huge Moth Attack!

This last week was a little difficult with the water situation because our water pump broke. We had to bucket out water from the tank to shower, wash dishes, and flush the toilet. Luckily today a less active member came by and saved us! We now have zero problems with the water and everyone is happy again. I can finally use a real shower now :). I haven't had a hot shower since leaving the MTC in Bogota almost 20 months ago!

Well that`s it for this week! I love you all! Abrazos y Besos!

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