Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Day After Mother's Day

May 12, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!!  It was great to talk w/ everyone yesterday - so awesome! Even though we only had 45 minutes or so, it was great to see you and hear your voices! 

Well, this past week has been similar to the one before....a lot of sun and a lot of walking. 
Last Skype call!
We`ve had better luck finding new investigators this week, however not a lot of people came to church because of the whole mother`s day thing. It seemed like everyone just peaced out to other cities to go visit their moms. The people that we found this week are pretty interested in the gospel, we just need to continue to work with them this week so that they can make it to church. 
Scripture Jeopardy

Things are going well with my comp; we`re practicing the lessons quite a bit so that he can get the hang of things. Yesterday was super awesome talking to you all; I can`t believe that it was my last call to you. It`s freaking that me out that I only have 7 weeks left. 

We`re working a lot more with the branch members to join us for lessons with our investigators and less active members. On Friday we had an activity in the church where we played a cool scripture jeopardy game. The members all loved it. Plus the questions that were worth 400 and 500 points we had a castigo if they answered wrong, which was a little cream pie in the face! 

Saturday I got my new scripture cases!! They are super awesome! I love them so much! Today we didn`t really do much for pday. We played some soccer in the morning with the other missionaries, then went to a mall to print pictures and eat. 

 I love you all! Abrazos y besos!

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