Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rain & Baptisms!

May 26, 2014

Hey, what`s going on! This week has been alright, but super hot. We did have the blessing of receiving a little bit of rain after months of none. Hopefully this means that more is on the way. 

A familia that we`re teaching left to right Amauri, Maria, Daniel, Lucila, Edison. They came to see the baptism and for the noche de hermanamiento
This week has been kind of tough finding new investigators. A lot of the areas where we have contacted are predominately catholic so we pretty much get rejected there but we`re still keeping at it! 

This past Sunday the ward announced that we are going to be moving back into the old church building where they met before. It will be better because it is actually located closer to a lot of families, many of which can`t go to the new building because it is too far; but the down side is that it is way smaller than the new one. This should help us have a better attendance with the investigators and the less active members. 

 This past Friday there was a baptism for the other set of elders in our area. We went to the church to support them and what not, but the problem we discovered when we arrived there was that the water pump was broken and the baptismal font only had a few inches of water in it. So we went all old-school 'Turbaco ' and busted out some buckets to fill it up! It took a while, but we filled up about 3/4s of the font and then some guy got there to fix the pump to fill the rest up.  

Noche de Hermanamiento
We`re working with some families here, teaching them the word of God and everything, but a lot of them still need to get married. That has been our biggest obstacle this past week. We`re setting up our game plan for this week to find more new investigators. 

That`s about it for this week. I`ve been thinking a lot this last week about my mission. It`s weird that I`m in my last transfer and only have 5 weeks left. I feel like the time has passed by so fast. But I feel like I have changed a lot and have learned a lot. I`m so happy that I've been here and can`t wait to see you all when I get back. Love you all! 

(Oh, I`m supposing that if we still had the plans to pick me up we would be canceling them right now for dad`s hip operation? Good thing we didn`t make the plans right?)

Abrazos y besos!

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