Monday, December 31, 2012

Day Before Christmas Letter

December 24, 2012 - What up! How`s it going? It`s still hot and humid down here but it`s getting better. It feels even less like Christmas down her too. 

We had changes last week and!!! Nothing changed. Still here in Cartagena with my comp Elder MaƱuico. With the changes too some missionaries changed houses so I now finally have a room again! 

Some highlights from this week are that we found some new investigators so I`m happy about that. We also had a christmas activity with the mission president. We went to a centro for lunch, It was awesome, I ate some bbq, we then walked around and sung some songs there and talk to people. 

After we went to a church building to do a gift exchange. My gift was the little soccer ball (that we can`t play with) and a tie. I recieved a wallet from a elder that forgot my name so when he said my name he just yelled `Elder You!`. 

 After that we went out to a plaza where there were a ton of people and sang Christmas songs/hymns and contacted. It was super fun, plus this old crazy guy stood next to the elder who was leading the songs and started waving his arms around like a conducter of music. Also some lady with a 666 tattoo started yelling at some elders, she was crazy. 

At church there was an American family, they are doing a humanitarian thing down here for a week so I got to talk to them in English. They are all from Utah, but a few of them could speak spanish. 

Today for pday we didn`t do much, just went to the centro and bought myself a tech deck for christmas, really went all out. But right now we are kinda pressed on time to email because we couldn`t find a place that was open. Oh also my debit card does not work here at all so I can`t take out money, but here`s an idea. Elder Anderson`s works fine so maybe you could talk with his mom or something and give money to them and I could take it out throught his card? Just an idea. 

Love you all! I`ll send pictures next week, Can`t wait to skype!!!! Abrazos y besos!!  

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