Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Toes, Bowling and Christmas Lights

SO recap from last last week. I went to the hospital clinic (super creepy, I felt like I was going to be in a horror movie) then the doctor just stabbed my big toe with anesthesia twice, then my other toe once, then went to town pulling up the toenail and slicing.
Sith Lord Toe.
Bandaged Toes.

After I couldn´t walk for a few days so I was stuck in the house reading all day, but when I took off the bandadge, my toe was super disgusting, kinda looked like the Sith Lord.

Last week pday we went bowling and it was awesome, but the lanes were super greasy so we couldn´t get the balls so spin very well. Ya, done with the recap from last last week.

This last week was pretty sweet, we found some new investigators that are really interested so I´m super pumped about that. Also the other day we were walking around and thought ¨hey we should stop by Jorge¨ (an old investigator) So we did. And got him set up for a baptismal date!

Elder MaƱuico, Zapata, Me, and Fitzgerald
We´ve still had some trouble finding new investigators. People just don´t want to talk to us, or say that ¨the right church is the church in your heart¨. One sweet experience this week was this lady Ester got baptized. We had an intercambio a few weeks ago with the other misisonaries in our ward and while we were out we contacted Ester and she was super receptive and got baptized on Saturday (3 weeks later).
Exercise Time.

Everything going good with my comp and the language, I´m doing pretty good with understanding people, but still don´t have a super big vocabulary so I can´t say everything that I would like, but with time and some studying it´ll come.

At the start of the Christmas season, they line the streets with candles to guide the Virgin Mary.
Ya, that´s about it. Love you all! You might be getting a little surprise soon! Abrazos y besos!


  1. The "sith" toe does look pretty gross!! Glad he was able to get it taken care of! (I hope!!) Yay for new investigators! We are keeping him in our prayers!!

  2. PS - That was from Emily, not Tyler!!