Monday, December 31, 2012

December 17 - Money & Christmas Decorations

What´s up! This week was pretty good and a little iffy. We had some reaslly good lessons and found some new people. We taught this one lady who is super interested in the plan of salvation and the restoration so we are pumped about that, but we´ve had about 4 investigators tell us that they want to wait a little longer to get baptized and it´s super frustrating because they are so ready.

On sunday we had a Rescue, it´s when all the missionaries in the zone go to one ward and find the less active members and while I was walking around with another member we ran into an American guy. He´s from Minnesota, but his wife is from Colombia so he´s down visiting for like 3 months. Talked with him for a little while, he has zero interest, but it was cool to talk to him in English. We had a noche de hogar with the bishop and after we shared a little message we ate pizza and it was awesome. I miss pizza alot.

 Anyways, we have changes tomorrow so I might be here again or I might be in a different city with a new comp, but I´ll find out later today/tomorrow. Last Tuesday packages came! Got two from mom and a letter from Granny and Alyssa. The M&M´s and Reeses are heaven, chocolate just isn´t the same down here. Also love the little games, I´ve been destroying in checkers.

We didn´t really do anything today for pday, we just played dominoes, parques, and uno. But uno is so frustrating because everyone just starts making up rules and everyone is yelling in spanish or portugese, but it was fun. We´ll be having a zone activity with the mission president in the next week or so and we´ll have dinner then have a little activity with him/white elephant give I think.

The people that live below us put up Christmas lights on the house and they are really sweet until we have to sleep because they just flash and flash and flash and since we have to sleep in the front room, it´s kinda hard to sleep sometimes with the light. Ya, I think that´s about it. Nothing much, just a regular mission week here in Cartagena. Love you all! Abrazos y besos!

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