Monday, May 20, 2013

Great Week in Barranquilla!

May 20, 2013

What´s up people¡¡¡ How´s it going?

This week has been awesome, but kinda slow with lessons. We had two big conferences this week; one on Wednesday with President Gaviria and the other on Saturday with Elder Uceda (Area 70). Both were super awesome... blew my mind too.

They talked a lot about what we can do better with our investigators, how we can help them to keep their commitments better, and different things we need to do with them. All in all they were awesome days. I learned a lot of stuff and found some way that I can improve.

One big thing that the two talked about was English. The missionaries that don´t speak English need to study, they really hammered on that. The rest of the week was pretty good. Our numbers for lessons have been down because we´ve been contacting a lot in apart of our area where the previous missionaries  didn´t really go. It´s been kinda rough there, but we had an amazing few lessons with one family.

We first got a reference for a girl ,Vera, so we went and taught her the first lessons and she loved it and wanted to learn more. We said that we would come back Thursday for another lesson, but when we got there she wasn´t there.Vera's little sister, Lora, was there and she had read the lesson 1 pamphlet and had a lot of questions so we taught her. She loved it and wanted to learn more so we said we would come back there on Saturday. We went back and Vera wasn´t there again, but Lora was and also her cousin Liseth. Turned out that Liseth was super interested in the Book of Mormon and had read all of Moroni and all of the introduction.

I had my mind blown¡¡ It was sooo awesome¡¡ She is golden¡¡ She reads everything we give her and understands it too and she really wants to know if it is all true¡ I'm soo pumped for those three¡¡

We´re also working really hard with Reyla and Leslie so that they can get baptized either this week or next week. They are just a little indecisive so we need to give them a little push.

We didn´t do anything for pday... just played pass the pigs and slept. We´re going to have a Family Night with some members and Reyla. I am making hamburgers for everyone so I get to bust out my Nielsen skills tonight¡¡

Well that´s about it¡¡ Love you all¡¡

Abrazos y besos¡¡

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