Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Week of Food & Floods!

Mary 8, 2013

Me, Alvarez, Webb & Gonzalez
What´s up?! This week has been pretty crazy.

Starting with Monday/Tuesday, we passed by Sofia, the lady we did the exorcism blessing on, and she went to the hospital to get medical attention because she wasn´t doing too well. Basically more creepy stuff/bad spirit stuff was happening at their house too so we gave her husband a blessing. She´s doing a lot better now which is good to know so we´re hoping that she can keep improving.

River in the Street.
This week has been kinda rough with my health because I got sick again. On Wednesday we ate fish, but it was different than what we have had before. Elder Web and I got sick and I threw up more and just stayed in the house the whole day with Elder Webb. The bummer is that since that Wednesday I haven´t been feeling super great. I can´t eat alot of food or else I throw up... :( .

It rained some more this week SUPER HARD!! The streets were rivers and it was thundering really loudly too. Luckily we were already in the house so we just waited it out. After the storm a ton of bugs just showed up out of no where. It was really hard to eat/teach because bugs landed on us every 10 seconds.

We had Zone conference Saturday and they told us that the transfers are now going to be on Mondays. Our pday for the week of transfers is Wednesday, but the rest are on Monday like normal. They also told us that this Sunday or Monday we can Skype families!!! YAAA! Doesn´t feel like it was that long ago when I called for Christmas.
Me & some friends.

Also at the conference I got my cedula!! Basically it´s just a foreign id card, but it´s super awesome! I also got 3 letters, two from Granny and one from Mindy. So sorry people that have sent me letters, I haven´t gotten them ...
More Friends.

Elder Alvarez (left) and Elder Briceño - que lindos!
On Sunday we found out about our new changes and my comp, Elder Gonzales, peaced out to Cartagena and the rest of us stayed. My new comp now is Elder Briceño. He´s from Chile and super awesome. We get along really well and he´s a great missionary. We only have two days together so I don´t really know him that much, but so far we are doing great.

One of the best things about transfers was that I got to wait in the terminal for 7 hours. I just chilled there and got to talk with all of the missionaries passing through. I got to see sooo many people. I finally saw Elder Neff (from my group in Bogota) and Elder Soderborg!!! It was awesome talking with them and catching up on what has happened in the mission.

Mickey D's!
Today for pday we finally did something! We went to the Plaza to find Taco Bell, but it wasn´t there!!! We weren´t happy. So we ate Mcdonalds instead. I also bought a new bag because my old one is worn out, dirty, and broken.

Things are going pretty well with our investigators. Reyla passed through her interview perfectly fine, but the problem is that her parents aren´t super supportive so we´re working really hard with her so she can get baptized. We also have two others, Monica and Vicente, who just need their interviews and then they´ll be set to go for batism! We´re just working with them trying to get them preped for that and finding new people to teach!

We also got a new rule for pdays! Every first pday of the month we can have a district pday, meaning we can go to different plaves in the city with our whole district, and the pday after we get money on the 15th we can have a pday with 4 missionaries! So basically we´re going to be doing more fun stuff for pdays!!!

Chicken Chow Time.
So ya! That´s it for this week, I´m going to be writing again Monday so I´m not sure how much will happened between now and then but love you all!!

Abrazos y besos!
Stay Classy.

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