Monday, May 13, 2013

Skype was Awesome!

May 13, 2013

Hey!! So this weekly update is going to be kind of short because I wrote last wednesday and not much has really happened. 

This week we contacted a lot in the part of our area where the other missionaries haven`t gone to before. It was just really loooooonng contacting and it just made me more tired at the end of the day. We found some new people but not a ton, which is kind of a bummer. 

We had a really awesome lesson with Reyla the other day. We were talking about her baptism and when we would do it because she wants to get baptized. Her parents aren`t super supportive so we were talking about that and then her aunt told us that they have a plan. So I was thinking something bad was going to happened but it turned out that Leslie (cousin of Reyla and daughter of the aunt of Reyla) wants to get baptized too with Reyla!! 

So now we`re going to baptize them both on the same day, but we just have to pick a day so we`re going to talk with them tomorrow about it!!! Hopefully this Saturday or the next! Fingers crossed! 

The Skype call yesterday was super awesome! Loved talking with you guys!! It was really weird to see the house again. The place that we went to skype is the internet of Reyla, so once we finished talking with our families, her dad just looked at us, told us to shake his hand and that we didn`t have to pay!!! So we got to talk free! 

But ya, that`s about it for this week. Everything is going well with my comp, just working hard (or hardly working) just kidding. I`m going to be making some goals in these next couple weeks so I can accomplish and get to where I want to be in this coming year.

Love you all!! This week we`re going to have a zone conference and a conference with an Area 70. It should be a great week! 

Love you all!! Abrazos y besos!!

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