Monday, June 10, 2013

What a Great Weekend!

June 10, 2013

What´s up?¡ This week was super awesome and kinda lame at the same time. Super awesome because Reyla and Leslie got baptized¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ So happy¡¡¡¡
Me, Reyla, Leslie, Elder Briceño

I ended up baptizing the two sisters and then Elder Briceño confirmed Reyla and Carlos (Leslie´s dad) confirmed Leslie. The baptisms were really great! Reyla and Leslie were kinda nervous before, but after they were baptized they were soo happy! Leslie started talking about how she was feeling and that she was super happy and Reyla kept saying that she felt soo good. Seeing them be so happy about their baptism made me feel really happy that I could help them in this process.

Also Elder Alvarez and Webb had a baptism too. So the ward had three baptisms in all¡

We´ve also been working really hard with Liseth. She´s progressed really quickly and now she´s going to get baptized this Saturday¡¡¡ We´ve had some really awesome lessons with her. She always reads the Book of Mormon, understands what she reads, marks the scriptures, and prays... it´s awesome¡ And Liseth came to church yesterday so now she ready to go for this Saturday¡¡

Denice (mom of Reyla), Leslie, Reyla, Jenice (mom of Leslie)
Alright,  now for the lame part of this week. I started working again, but I´ve been wearing sandals and everyone looks at me weird. I can't wear shoes yet because they are a little constricting on my toes. The problem gets worse because I have another, yes another ingrown toenail, on the other side of the nail. I'm so not happy about this! I called the secretary and he told me he is going to send me some pills, but I don´t know how much that´ll really help.

My spanish speaking is doing really well. I'm still working to work on a bigger vocabulary, but I feel really comfortable.  I feel like I can basically say what I want to and don´t have to struggle to think of what to say. It kinda just flows. One of my teachers in the MTC told us that if we think in Spanish, then it´ll be easier to speak in Spanish, so I´ve been really trying to think in Spanish.

The ´dryer´
I´m getting excited for the new mission president in July. Not sure what to expect, but excited.

Washing set up
That´s it for this week¡ Super great and this weekend should be super awesome too¡¡ For pday day we just went to the centro to print some pictures of the baptisms and walked around.

 Love you all¡¡ Abrazos y besos¡¡

Basically just spins the water and my clothes...doesn´t do much to actually wash.

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