Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Area - New Companion!

June 24, 2013

This week has been pretty interesting. Started out with transfers! I was transferred to Modelo here in Barranquilla. My new comp is Elder Ramirez from Mexico! My new apartment is so much bigger than in Cevillar!! I love it! In the house there are 4 elders in total. Elder Ramirez (my comp), Elder Juarez, Elder Davidson, and me.

The area is really nice (has a little more money than my last areas) but it´s a great ward. Everything had been going well this week, working in the new area, getting to know the investigators and members, working with my comp, and then Thursday hit and my toes started hurting same toes....I have issues.

Also on Thursday we had a meeting with President Gaviria on how to have a ward council...the same meeting that I had in my old area. Then Saturday we found out about the leadership broadcast on Sunday.We had to be at the Stake Center at 5:00 to watch the broadcast. Because of the broadcast, our church time was changed from the original time of 2-5 to 9-12. When we got to the chapel and it was absolutely packed!

There are two wards, Modelo and Paraiso, that were both there and during sacrament meeting they told us that they are fusing the two wards. Now my area/ward isn´t Modelo, it´s Paraiso, I think. And the best part of all is that there are 14 missionaries in the ward right now. 6 Sister missionaries and 8 elders! Pretty insane! So now we have to figure out the new boundaries and everything, which is going to be lame because with the ward changes we lost almost all of our investigators.

The leadership broadcast was super awesome! I think the missionaries are more excited about the possibilty of having a tablet or computer in the house. Today for pday we didn´t do much because another elder in the house had to go to the clinic and I had to go too because my toes are hurting me and basically the old-man doctor stuck my toes with anesthesia again, then rammed cotton under my toe nail to help it grow straight or tomorrow I might not work depending on how my toe is doing.

So that´s about it for me...just living the life down here with my toe problems.

Bought these weights right before I left Cevillar - gonna get my burn on!

Love you all! Abrazos y besos!

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