Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Toe-tally Surgical!

July 8, 2013

Well this week was pretty similar to last week. I had to get my toenail cut again, so I only left the apartment to work one day.  I had the craziest experience when I went to get my nail cut. The (old man) doctor that usually cuts my toes wasn`t there, so we talked to another guy who told me that I had to come back the next day for `surgery`.

We went back to the clinic on Friday and I went to the surgery room. I had to leave my comp to go to a separate room where I had to strip down and put on a hospital gown and wait in a big blue chair until a nurse came and put an IV in my hand!!! After waiting even longer, they put me in a wheel chair and carted me off to the operating room. We got to the OR and I had to move from the wheel chair to the operating table. During that process a lot of people saw my butt.

Once on the table they hooked me up to a heart monitoring machine, put the finger heart monitor device on, and then put another thing on my right arm to test my blood pressure. While they were doing that, there were two other nurses that were washing my leg and foot. To top it all off, they put an oxygen mask on my face! Yes, all of this happened just for an ingrown toenail.

They finished with the anesthesia and then cut the nail.  I thought that everything was over at that point, but no.... I was carted off to another sick-  people room where I had to wait for another 30 minutes. Oh and by the way, all of these rooms were extremely cold! So there I was just chilling in my wheel chair, freezing to death, losing the feeling in my hands, listening to people groan / cry. It was awful!  After what seemed like forever, they let me go change and then we left the hospital. I have never been so happy to be out in the heat before!

The next few days I just chilled in the house and wasn't able to do much. The 4th of July wasn`t quite the same here in Colombia, but we hung up the flag and sang some American songs to feel like we were home a little bit. That is really it for last week's update.

This week we have a Zone Conference and I`m going to receive a package and some letters!!!!

So I`ll let you know what I get next week!

love you all! Abrazos y Besos!

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