Sunday, July 28, 2013

One Shoe is a No Show

July 15, 2013

Hey!! Hows it going?? This week hasn`t been super eventful because we don`t have a lot of investigators. So we just contacted.....a lot. 

We did have zone conference and I got a package with one of my shoes, some toe cream, and a hacky sack. I`ve been waiting for the other package that has my other shoe in it. It's here in Barranquilla, I just have to wait for the secretary to take the package out of the mail place. This entire week I`ve just been rocking my Addidas sandals like normal. 

We had interviews with the president and his wife on Thursday. While I was talking with Sister Searle, my comp was talking with the  president, then we switched. With Sister Searle we just spoke in English the whole time and talked about how the mission was going, how I felt about it and then we talked about stuff back home. 

Then with President Searle we talked about how I was feeling with my personal conversion. They are both really good people and really nice. 

We`ve found some new people to teach, but it`s been really tough this week. We`ve literally spent almost all the days`s feet kill at the end of the day and because I`m wearing sandals, the mosquitos just eat my feet. I`m really hoping I get that other shoe soon. 

That is pretty much the report for this week. I`m sorry that nothing too eventful has happened this week, just contacting and contacting and sweating. 

I love you all! Abrazos y Besos!!

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