Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coming Up on My 1-Year Anniversary!

July 22, 2013

Hey!! How´s it going! This week has been pretty good, we´ve had some great lessons and even one investigator, Soraya. She said that she wants to be baptized! That should be happening next week! 

We also had an intercambio with the zone leaders because my comp is the district leader. I had to go the other area and OH MY GOSH!!!.... we walked sooooo much! I was dying, sweating, crying, and tired! Such a long day, but it was fun to have the little cambio. 

This week I also received my other shoe in the mail, so I finally went out working in real shoes!!!! The first time in almost 2 months!! But the bummer is that I think that I have another ingrown toenail and I´ll probably have to go to the hospital again. :( 

In the shoe package was the new "Pass the Pigs" game and it is pretty sweet! We´ve played it quite a bit. It still makes everyone angry, but it´s fun to play. Today for pday we´re going to go walking around the city/centro to check out some cool stuff. 

Not too much to report week. We´ve just been working hard, trying to find new people to teach and help the others progress. Sorry this letter is short, we´re kinda in a rush to leave to hit the town. 

Dad - Thanks for the letter! I love getting the photo updates from the week! It makes me feel like I´m not missing out on so much. You´re not even that old! Whenever someone sees your picture they always think that you and mom and super young! So keep it up! Your vacations are sounding super nice, especially while I´m here sweating. But I know we´ll have some fun times when I get back! I don´t have a lot of time to write today because we are going to play games. I love you!

I love you all!!! Abrazos y besos!!

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