Monday, July 1, 2013

Price Smart!

July 1, 2013

This Sunday was great because we got to meet the new mission president! President and sister Searle are in our ward so I think that every Sunday we`ll get to see them. He isn`t as tall as I thought he would be, but he is super nice and so is his wife. The President knows quite a bit of spanish, but his wife doesn`t.  But I didn`t either when I got here so I`m sure she`ll learn fast...hopefully. 

We had some changes in the ward and now there are only 8 missionaries in the ward. Our area is HUGE so the office is going to figure out how to divide our area or add another companionship. Not sure what`s going to happen. 

Also, this past week no one had money in the house. We had to go the the office and clinic a bunch of times, so I had to take out money last week. This morning I withdrew some more money because we are going to PRICESMART!!!! Basically it`s just like Costco!! I`m going to be in heaven!!!! 

We went to Pricemart and a few things I need to clarify:
 1- It`s Price Smart, but everyone says it together so I had it wrong. 2- IT IS AMAZING!!!!! It`s just like a Costco!!! I was in heaven!!!!!! Also, there were about 20 other missionaries there shopping too so we saw quite a few people there. It was also raining like crazy after we finished shopping, so there was a super river in the street in front of our house and our back patio started to flood.

Okay this letter is going to be super lame and for a good reason.....We didn`t go out to work very much this week. Basically the cotton material that the doctor shoved under my toenail has been bugging me / hurting, so we went to the office to have the secretary look at it. The next day we went to the clinic and the doctor lady just told me that we really can`t take out the cotton balls, but gave me a cream and more pills that I need to take. 

Two times a day I have to take pills and put a cream on my toes so they don`t get infected.  I`m still working in my flippy floppies! These sandals have MILES on them, they`re amazing. 

Love you all! I`ll talk to you later!! Abrazos y Besos!!!!

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