Tuesday, August 27, 2013


August 19, 2013
Elder Molina and I

What is up!! To be honest, this week has been super long. We got shut down hard core. Kinda rejected everywhere we went by everyone we talked to, but we did find one new guy Ricardo! He`s great! He has studied a lot about other religions and that kinda stuff, but has never felt like the other churches gave him clear answers when he has had questions. We answered a lot of the questions that he had and told him about the Book of Mormon. I think we did a pretty good job answering his questions because we`re going to teach him again on Thursday.

The rest of the week was unsuccessful in finding new people to teach. We walked a lot a lot a lot and the worst part was that it rained this week so we had to wait inside of different places or just get drenched. The main problem with the rain is that the street turn into rivers, arroyos, and it`s basically like a flash flood. The other day a car got taken away in one, so they can be really dangerous.

Blister after using my shoes for the first time

We did have some good lessons this week. We were talking with a kinda less active member, she has been having some problems with her testimony. We just explained to her the importance of the Book of Mormon and that she can pray to receive a confirmation that it`s true. After we spoke, she was crying a little bit and told us that she knew the gospel was true and is going to come back to the church!

Zona Paraiso & Lucero with El Presidente!
We also have been teaching the 4 girls from the previous week (Luisa, Laura, Ana, and Adriana.) They are really great because they read the Book of Mormon and complete the commitments that we give them. Adriana went to another city to visit her family, but the other 3 came to church and really liked it! So they are doing really well and if they keep progressing they`ll get baptized in September!!

Also, a fun highlight from this week is that I ate a Shawarma. Yes, a Shawarma. Do you remember at the end of Avengers when Tony Stark says that he wants to eat a Shawarma? Well, I ate one and it`s actually pretty good!

That`s it for my week! Love you all! Abrazos y Besos!

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