Monday, August 12, 2013

One Year Anniversary - WOW!!!

July 29, 2013

Hey!! How`s it going!! I CAN`T BELIEVE I WENT INTO THE MTC A YEAR AGO! I`m having a mid-mission crisis! I don`t feel like I should only have a year to go. I still feel like I`m just starting, and now I`m old in the mission! I`m dying! Everything is just crashing down now. 

So that`s where I`m at right now. Our week was normal, just a lot of contacting and trying to find new people. We`re prepping an investigator Soraya for the 10. She couldn`t come to church yesterday because she had to go take a test so that she can become a teacher. She really wants to be baptized and promised that she is going to come to church next week. 

I can`t believe this cambio is almost over! It has passed by so quickly and now we`re all freaking out about who is going to get changed. Today is the last pday so we`re going to check out the little market place and walk around. 

Also, I got the package of M&Ms from Grandma and Grandpa!! Thanks soo much! Everyone here loves chocolate!! This week should be full of surprises! 

Love you all! Sorry this letter is short. Literally nothing much has happened this week. Just completing my first year. 

I`m happy with what I`ve done during the first year of my mission and want to be better in some other areas and work harder. I feel like my time is so short here. 

Love you ! Abrazos y besos!

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