Monday, September 9, 2013

Last Week in Barrio Paraiso in Barranquilla?

September 9, 2013

What`s up!! This week has been kinda crazy. Maybe I explained a little poorly last week, because it wasn`t last week that we had transfers, it`s this week. I already know that I`m leaving the area here. 

The bishop accidently said that we were going to only have 6 missionaries in the ward and then later the first counselor came up to us and took his `last picture` with us. 

Both Elder Bastos and I are leaving, but we don`t know where to. Tomorrow night they are going to tell us. It`s a weird feeling, because I keep thinking `ya...I`m leaving`. I`m kinda bummed because now we won`t be here for the baptisms of the investigators, but I`m glad that Elder Molina and Elder Schwab (the AP`s) will be taking over. They`re good missionaries. 

Friday was GAMEDAY and it was madness!!! The Colombian people live for soccer. When there is a game people shut down stores, don`t work, and cancel classes just to watch the game. Also this Friday we had an intercambio and I went to the area of Elder Bossel to work with him. 

Everything went well until after lunch. We left work, and it started raining, then about a minute later it was straight up gale force winds, huricane rain, lighting cracking across the sky, and thunder so loud I thought the sky was going to break. It was soooo intense! Wetried to take shelter in front of an apartment building, but the wind was so strong that it blew the rain and we still got soaked. It was such a crazy storm! Rivers in the streets, cars got taken away, and trees fell over. We stayed in front of the apartment building for about two hours until it settled down. 

This week we`ve had some good lessons. We`ve been preparing Luisa, Laura, Adriana and Ana for baptism. They are great and always have a ton of questions so we spend a lot of time answering everything. They`ve had awesome experiences and are strengthening their testimonies about the church and the Book of Mormon. 

This week we`ve also spent a lot, a lot of time contacting and we always end the day super tired. 

I happy that I`ve been able to serve in this area and grateful that I have been able to help, in a small way, the church grow. Love you all! Talk to you next week in my new area! 

Oh yeah!

Abrazos y besos!

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