Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Toenail Love Again!

September 2, 2013

What´s up!? This week has both good and kinda bad. We started off great! Had some good lessons with investigators and less active members. The lessons went well and the people told us that they were going to come to church. It was awesome! We found new investigators too. 

We´ve been trying to have lessons with Ana, Adriana, Laura, and Luisa, but they are in classes nearly every day during the week so it´s really hard to meet up with them. But we had a really good lesson with them yesterday. They somehow found the movie 'The Other Side of Heaven' online and watched and they loved it. Ana told us that she thinks that it was God telling her that it was true. So super cool!

We´ve been passing by and looking for another investigator Ricardo, but he moved! :( We don´t know where he moved to and we´re kinda bummed about that. Also, on Friday we went to the Clinica because my toenail is starting to become ingrown again and the doctor basically just told me to go get a pedicure. So I went and got the worst pedicure of my life! She cut sooooo deep on my toenails and kept asking me if it hurt. I just wanted to yell at her and say "yes!", but I was too busy trying not to cry... just kidding. 

Basically after she finished my feet / toes hurt really badly so I didn't leave to work Friday and Saturday. Kinda lame there, not doing anything the whole day! Saturday I was with a guy in the ward named Oscar. He´s the ward mission leader and he also speaks English! So we talked a lot in English. It was nice, because right now in the house there isn´t a gringo so I feel a little deprived of speaking English. 
Junior Tu Papa

Everything's going well here, just working and working! This week I should be getting mail so I´ll let you know what happens!! 

Me with the flag of JUNIOR!! The soccer team here in Barranquilla. People are crazy for Junior.

Love you all! Abrazos y besos!!

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