Monday, November 25, 2013

A Well of a Good Time!

November 25, 2013

What´s up! This week has been both great and super stressful. Great because Luisel was baptized!!! Also, I found out that her name is actually spelled with an ´s´ so I´ve been spelling it wrong this whole time.

Filling up the font with buckets
The stressful part was getting the baptism all figured out because we needed a priesthood holder to be there basically as supervisor. We couldn´t find anyone to come because the baptism was Friday in the morning and everyone was busy working. We looked for soo many people, but finally found someone to help us.

We had some peace of mind until Friday morning when we started to fill up the baptismal font. It started fine, water pressure and what not, but then it just shut off. We had no idea why the water stopped. We tried everything to get it to come back on, but nothing we had to fill it up using buckets of water. On the side of the church is the water tank/well, so I changed clothes and went into the tank to fill up the buckets and then the other elders took those buckets inside to fill up the font. The process only took about 30 minutes, but I was dead the rest of the day!

After rushing to fill up the font, we had the baptism!! It was great and everything went well. Luisel was so happy and shared her testimony. She was grateful to have been able to know the gospel and has seen the difference that it has made in her life and wants to keep moving forward. It was a wonderful moment and then on Sunday she was confirmed! So that was a huge highlight of this week.
Us with Luisel
We also did a small service project with Luisel´s family. We helped them set up their Christmas tree, which reminded me of home a little bit.... :(

On Sunday one of the less active families that we are teaching came to church! They also brought their daughter in law, who just had a baby. They really want to start going to church again and want their daughter in law, Sandy, to come too. So we´re going to be working more with them.

Yesterday we had a conference broadcast from the Area 70 about how to have an effective ward council, especially with helping the people that are less active. They spoke about the importance of working together as missionaries and wards so that we can help the work progress faster and better.

Today we are just going to Cartagena to print some pictures and to eat lunch. I´ll be getting on later in the afternoon to chat! I love you all!

 Abrazos y besos!

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