Monday, November 11, 2013

Cartagena Carnival - Lockdown!

November 4, 2013

What`s up! Overall this week has been kinda slow. The week started off well, we had some good lessons, especially with Luicel. We`ve been having the hardest time with her getting her to commit to baptism, but we talked with her about her doubts. Basically, her hesitation is that she just that she doesn`t feel completely ready (Even though she is). 

We talked with her a lot trying to help her with her questions, but then we just started talking about the baptismal interview. We told her that she was going to have an interview with another missionary and he was going to let her know if she is ready to be baptized. Once she heard that, she was very willing to have the interview because she wanted to find out if she was ready.  Thursday Luicel had her interview and passed!!! So now she is going to get baptized on the 9th of November!That has been the super highlight for the week. 

This downside of this week was that I had to go to the clinica again. While we were there they took of my big toenails…..again…..  So I haven`t left the house since Wednesday. I feel like I`m in prison. To make things worse, it`s now carnival….which means that starting on Sunday, we will not be able to leave the house at all…I`m going to have almost 2 weeks without leaving that house. At least I`ll be a scripture genie when I leave again. 

That`s why I am writing this email today because we won`t be able to leave at all this coming week. I really hope that this message gets through to you guys because if not I know you are all going to be very worried. I love you all! I`ll talk to you in 9 days!! 

I love you ! Abrazos y besos!!

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