Monday, November 4, 2013


October 28, 2013

Hey! What´s going on?? 15 months in the mission! Crazy! I can´t believe it´s passing so fast! I´m kinda freaking out too. 

This week has been kinda slowish, but we had transfers... and we didn´t get transferred. Elder Anderson, Gallardo, Centon, and I are still here. The other two Elders, Raposo and Morales, left and now there are 2 Hermanas in the district with us. Hermana Thomas and Huatuco. 

On Wednesday I had the lovely priviledge to return to the WW1 hospital in Cartagena to get my toe checked out. After waiting a while a doctor called me, looked at my toenail and told me that we needed to cut it (exactly what I expected). Then while I was in the other room waiting for them to get the things ready, a lady doctor walked it, looked at my toe, asked me what I was doing cutting it and told me that I just had to rest for 5-7 days and then come back again. 

Self surgery with Elder Escobar
So after being at the clinic for about 4 hours we left with nothing but a paper from the doctor saying I needed ´rest´. So we spent the remainder of the day Wednesday in the house and Thursday also. I was dying of boredom. I hate staying in the house. I feel so fat and ineffective. Friday we said whatevs to the doctor and left to work and we`ve worked the other days too. Basically my toenail is going to get cut anyway so I might as well just work now while I can. 

 We had a really good week with an investigator, Luicel. She has been having some hard times with her family and work, but she came to church yesterday! Before she couldn`t come to church because of work. We went and visited her in the afternoon and talked with her more about how she felt at church and what she was thinking about doing. She told us that she always feels really good in the church and wants to feel that way more. 

So we talked about the Holy Ghost and how she can always have those feelings with her after her baptism. She really liked that and we put a baptismal date for the 9th of November. We`re working hard for that now. 

Today(p-day)  we didn`t do anything because no one has money. We just chilled in the house, but it gave me time to thoroughly wash some of my clothes... Well that`s it for this week. 

Group Prayer
I love you all! Thanks for everything! 

 Abrazos y besos!!!

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