Monday, November 11, 2013

Freedom!!! Post Lockdown - Scripture Genie at Your Service!

November 11, 2013

Hey!  This week has been very, very long. I had my toenails taken off again about 2 weeks ago so I have not been able to leave the house to work for a while. I`ve just been stuck in the house and have studied a lot, a lot, a lot. 

I studied every chapter in Preach My Gospel, finished reading the Book of Mormon, studied from Acts through Revelations, and read a book from Elder Anderson `To Bring the World His Truth`. Basically there was a whole lot of time to just study and read. It has been a little bit boring, but I feel like I learned a lot!

This week we're preparing Luicel to for baptism. We will be working hard with her so that she will be able to be baptized on Friday. I  don`t have too much to write in this letter because we really didn`t do anything this week. The reason why we couldn`t leave the house was because there was a festival where basically people throw colored water, corn powder, water balloons  or grease on you if you don`t pay money. That was the reason why we couldn`t leave. 

But now we are free!! I can work! I'll have a lot more to tell you all next week! Love you all! This week we should be getting mail. 

Abrazos y besos!

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