Monday, February 24, 2014

Bowling for Baptisms

February 17, 2014

Hey! How´s it going?? 

This week has been pretty well. We´ve still been working a lot with the less active members, trying to get them to come to church. We have a couple coming, and we are visiting about 6. We´re trying to work more with the ward members so they can help us pump them up to come back to church. It´s hard for some of them because they live far away it takes about 30 minutes walking or spending money for a moto. 

Me & Fitz
On Friday the ward had a talent show and a ton of people went so the church was packed. The church here doesn´t have a stage. We´ve also been working with the bishop so that we can work more efficiently during ward council and with the organizations. 

Yesterday we had a Rescue in Cartagena, but the ward we

Me & My Son
My & My PBA Form

went to had a very large area to cover and we spent a long time walking around trying to figure out the addresses here. Carmen and Osvaldo came to church yesterday, they told us last week that they are trying to get the wedding set up for this week. We´re working with the Relief Society so that they can help put together a little something for them. 

Trick Shot
Today for pday we went to Cartagena and went bowling!!! Super fun! We tried to get the whole zone to go, but some people didn´t want to so we went with a group of 8 and bowled a couple of rounds. I was just racking up the strikes there. 
La Coca Game

It´s weird to think that transfers are coming up again. In 9 days we´ll find out who stays and who goes. I don´t really want to leave Turbaco yet, I really like it here. 

That is pretty much it for this week, I love you all! Abrazos y Besos!

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