Monday, February 24, 2014

Warming Up in Colombia - No Parent Pickup

February 24, 2014

Hey! What´s up? This week has been pretty good. It´s starting to get hotter, which means it going to be raining soonish. 

Colombia - Going to World Cup!
I´m sure that you are all really tired of hearing this, but this week should be the wedding of Carmen and Osvaldo. We´re working with the Relief Society to put everything together and get the whole money issue sorted out. 

The ward has been trying to do more activities that will help more people to come and get to know the church. There are guitar, piano, and English classes on Saturday. I help out a little in the English class, but it´s really nice to have those activites to invite people to go to church. People here really want to learn English / want help on their homework, so it´s a good opportunity to help them and meet new people. 

Watch Dog.
Yesterday was a little crazy and really tiring. Elder Gallardo and Elder Ariza have not received their patriarchal blessings yet, so we got everything set up to go to the stake center yesterday morning at 7 am., which meant we had to wake up super early to travel in order to make it there on time... which meant that I was super tired the rest of the day. 

Also since the ward that attends the stake center is Los Alpes,(my first area), I was able to see a lot of members. They all asked me when I was ending and how I had a  lot of time in the mission. It was weird to think that I left that area a year ago and that I´m going to have 19 months in the mission field tomorrow. 

This week was really great too because there are some members here that have family in the States, and they get food and what not from them. So they made us sandwiches with peanut butter and was sooo good. 

 Mom, my package got here to Cartagena, but the zone leaders have it, which means that I´m probably going to be getting it this week. Tomorrow are transfers, but I¨m almost positive that I´m going to be staying for another transfer. We´ll see what happens. So that´s it for this week.

Also, I´ve just been thinking a lot about the whole pick up thing these last few weeks. I would honestly love you have you two come down here and see the people and the cities, but I also feel like I just would like to go home and be with all the family. I also feel like planning everything for the trip would just make me unfocused. I know that you both would like to come pick me up, it´s just that I feel like it would be better to come home to everyone. So, hate to be a Downer on the plans, but I'd rather NOT have you come pick me up.  Maybe we can take a trip down later - even if it's just me and dad.

That´s cool about the Gilbert Temple, the pictures that dad sent look awesome! I hope that you are all doing well.

I love you all! Abrazos y besos!

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