Wednesday, June 18, 2014

World Cup Madness Has Hit Colombia!

Jun 16, 2014

After the movie night with some members
What is up everyone?! Well, my toes have been much better this week. I am almost positive that I am completely healed. I haven`t had any problems with them so I should be all good for these last TWO WEEKS!! Crazy!! Can`t believe it!

With the whole world cup thing going on right now it`s been harder to find people to teach. President Searle gave us a rule that we can`t go out to work during the Brasil's first game and also whenever Colombia is playing because it`s a little hectic and the people really don`t want to leave their tv screens.  Almost everyone watches the other games too so it`s hard to find people that want to listen to us. It's been super, super crazy......and some people died that day too; Fights, one shot himself, one died from over emotion, beer!

This last Friday we had a movie night at the church and we had a pretty good turn out. We watched an old church movie called Aunque nos toca morir (Even When It's Our Turn to Die). It was about some of the church members in Mexico. Pretty good, but was in black and white.

Saturday there was baptisms for the other missionaries in the district and we were invited and were able to attend and give support. After the baptism we were also invited to a family night with all of them and scored some free food!

 Everything is going well with Edison and Daniel. They came to church yesterday with their mom, Lucila, and they want to be baptized. We are also teaching another girl ,Yulissa.  She has a baptismal date for the 5th of July (after I leave). She is also doing really well, likes the church and has a lot of friends there that give her support with going to church on Sunday and also to the activities. This week we`ll be scheduling their baptismal interviews too.

After baptisms
The mission has set some new goals for us. We`re going to be putting a lot more focus on the lessons we teach to less active members, recent converts, and having ward members present at our lessons.  This week our goal is to increase our lessons that we have especially focusing with the less actives members. So that`s kind of it for this week... a little bit slow with all this world cup madness, but it`s fun.

I love you all! Can`t wait to see you soon!

Abrazos y besos!

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