Thursday, August 16, 2012

Letter #3 from MTC (Provo)

Three weeks down! Kind of a bummer, thought that I would be in Colombia, but it's alright. I'll still get to go down the the Bogota MTC for at least 3 weeks, and we have a lot of fun here. 

We went to a meeting on Saturday with all the people going to the Colombia and Peru MTCs and found out there that everyone that was supposed to be going to Colombia was having visa problems because Colombia changed their visa requirements about two months ago. We're supposed to get them any day, then it's up to the MTC president in Colombia to decide when he wants us all to come, I'm hoping that it is soon. 

During the meeting a guy was telling us about the MTC, it looks like two story motel with the Church sign put next to the entrance, also there are only about 70 people in that MTC so it'll  be quite a significant change from 2,000. We get to go out proselyting once a week which will be fun and nerve racking. 

Spanish is coming along, just need to focus hard on studying and learning new words / conjugations. I feel pretty confident teaching a lesson because I know all the gospel and church words to say, but there is no way that I could have a conversation with someone. 

On Tuesday for our devotional, everyone thought that someone from the 12 was going to come speak to us (They never tell before who is going to speak). Everyone was waiting to get in to the gym to get a good seat finally after being crammed in the lobby for 40 minutes they let us in, we rushed in and hurried to the front and scored awesome seats in the 4th row. After about 10 minutes they flash up the name of the speaker, David F Evans of the Seventy, everyone saw it and let out an "Awwwwww". He gave a really good talk though, I learned a lot from it. 

Sorry that this letter is short, this last week went by really quick and it was really uneventful so I don't really know what to write. I'm having such great experiences and meeting awesome people. Hopefully I'll get my visa and be headed out soon, then I'll also get to make a quick call to tell you when I'm leaving, so you can look forward to that! Love you all, thanks for your support! Abrazos y besos!

Pictures from a NYC Trip in May 2012

A reminder to always be "Bullish" on Life!

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