Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week #2 in Provo MTC Letter

Well I'm now officially over two weeks into the MTC and officially have less than a week before I leave to Colombia! Last week we got our travel plans and we leave on the 14th! We get to leave here at 3:00 am!! Not looking forward to that... It's super exciting, but a little nerve racking at the same time. It's going to be so different from the MTC in Provo, but it'll be a great experience.  

One of the teachers told us that half the Bogota MTC is a stake center and the area around is pretty much the nicest houses I'll see on my mission. Also a cool thing about Bogota is that we'll get to go on splits with the missionaries while we are in the MTC. 

The days are rolling my quicker and quicker which is nice, it doesn't feel like 3 days when it was actually just one. The only complaint I have right now is the showers. There are only 2 good ones where the water temperature is decent, the other ones just alternate between Hell and Antarctica. Basically all you can do is stand to the side of the death stream, cup your hands, and splash water on yourself. I guess the cold showers are good practice for Colombia. 

Nothing super big or exciting has happened this week. The class schedule is consistent and the food tastes consistently the same. We have been teaching more people and I can see my Spanish improving each day. It's amazing to me that we can be teaching a person, Elder Moss will be talking and I'm trying to think what to say next when some words or a phrase will come to my mind. I can really see the Lord helping me every lesson and every day. 

We got a second teacher, her name is Hermana Playa, who was the 'investigator' Adrianna. She is a good teacher and has helped me alot learning new ways to teach lessons simply and effectively to someone. Our other teacher Hermano Davis just left yesterday to go home for a week vacation which is a huge bummer because he was my favorite and yesterday was the last time I'll see him. We took some pictures with him before he took off so hopefully this next SD card will work! That's sucky that the other card didn't work! There were quite a few pics on there. 

I'm doing great though, this has been an amazing experience so far and it's just the MTC. I can't wait to be in Colombia in 5 days and see what I learn there (hopefully Spanish a little faster).  All the classes, devotionals, and teachers push us forward to be the best missionaries we can be. I know that alone I am nothing, but with God I can do anything. I know that if I give my all to this and be the best that I can be, God will make me even better. 

I love you all and love getting letters from you and hearing about how the Olympics are going! Next time I send one of these emails, I'll be sending it from Colombia!!

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