Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Week #5 - First Full Week in Bogotá Colombia MTC

First full week in Colombia and still alive! It´s way different here than Provo, I like it better. The food is still amazing although I´ve only recognized two fruits here, an apple and pineapple, the rest are crazy but taste really good. 

There is one fruit called Lulo? I think but we just call it brain fruit, it´s really hard to describe so I´ll try to take some pictures when I get my camera back. (They took all our cameras because they are a ´distraction´). The juice is also awesome and snack time is the best part of the day. We usually get chicken or fish or steak, rice is with everything but breakfast, it´s even in the soup sometimes. 

My new district is good, I still have Elder Herrick and Moss in it, the rest are from 3 other districts. My new companion Elder Coffman, from Utah, is super good at Spanish, he took it through highschool and college and just slays the lessons. He helps me learn alot because he knows basically every word in the dictionary pretty much. I´m understanding Spanish alot better and improving in speaking, I still have a long way to go and have to go out Proselyting all day on Saturday so that might be a little rough, but a good experience. 

With only 90 people here in the MTC we get to know President Hall really well. We also found out that next Tuesday morning at around 3 a.m. all the misisonaries here (except for us 8 that got here last week) are leaving out to the field. So that means that it is just us 8 for the entire day. So for that day we get to go to the temple, site seeing, then go to a cathedral on the top of the valley because it´s just a small group. 

Class is pretty much the same as Provo except our teachers don´t know English that well so it´s semi difficult to communicate and my teachers never remember my name. Being here has definately improved me Spanish and can´t wait to see what I´m going to learn. 

Also a little bit of bad news, Colombia doesn´t really have a mail system so it takes a long time for mail to get here, so email is probably the best way of communication (although letters are nice to get) and I can write back a letter or email. 

Today we went to the temple again. It is still crazy driving, people are nuts. There is literally grafitti on every building, almost without fail. Also there are a ton of police everywhere and some army guys just walking around with guns. Oh and I think that I might have saw a dead guy too... but the city is really cool. 

On Monday we had to go to some migration office to get ids and everyone was staring and it was really hard to communicate with the people at the office. Spanish is coming along well, I feel pretty confident in lessons, but conversations are kinda limited, plus the natives speak really quick so I always get to say ´mas despacio´. 

This first week has been great and a little overwhelming, but a great experience. I know that being here will help me learn Spanish and get more accustomed to the culture. I´ve had such a fantastic time here and can´t wait for what´s ahead. I love you all! Abrazos y besos.

District Elders at Temple in Provo
 Some more Mesa Missionaries
 Elders Norberg, Moss (standing), then L-R, Herrick & Soderborg

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