Monday, August 13, 2012

No Visas - No Colombia, at least This Week!

Just got a call from Nug from the MTC - he said their group of 8 missionaries who were heading to Bogotá, Colombia MTC, Visas have NOT come through and they will NOT be able to leave tomorrow for Colombia!  He was a little disappointed, but said that hopefully next week as the visas are expected any day. 

He also said:  "I don't know why people say they didn't like the MTC - it's great here!"  He sounded great & feels like Spanish is coming along.  It was way awesome to hear his voice!

Photo of Nathan with his buddies - Pookie J,

Hali Ann,

and of course Douglas the Stray! 

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  1. That was probably a little disappointing for Nug. But it sounds like he likes the MTC enough to be happy for another week. And you were able to talk to him on the phone! Score! We are keeping him in our prayers! Em