Monday, November 19, 2012

Castle Time

Awesome week! Finally had some success! Lessons rocked, investigators came to church and I´ll probably have my first baptism this Saturday! Weather was nicer this week, but rained quite a bit. 

Things are going all good with my comp (Elder Mañuico), he´s great and pretty patient. It´s a little bit harder with him because he doesn´t know as much English as my old comp,  but we work it out. Really just a normal week. 

Elder Mañuico on a cannon at the Castillo.

"I'm in Heaven!"
 We just got back from the castillo (castle - Castillo San Felipe de Barajas - Click here for Castillo/Castle Info) and it was sweet! 

Traveled through dark dungeons, got lost, sweat to death, had a sweet view of the city, touched a giant colombian flag, got in trouble for touching the giant flag, found pancake mix and syrup! and bought some souveniers! 

Elder Mañuico and I in the Dungeon - teaching!

1. Me in a dungeon.

2- Sitting on a cannon

3- Standing under a giant Colombian flag

5- Me and my comp grabbing the giant flag and some random dude ruining the pic

1- Me and my comp in a giant shoe

2- Me in the shoe

3- Ate out of a cocoa thing, not sure. The little cart said coco helado

This week was much better than the last, we had good lessons, found new, interested investigators and people actually came to church!! It´s super hard for people to progress when they don´t come to church, but we finally got people to come.  The past several weeks, we just haven´t been having much success here. It´s such a bummer because people always say that they want to learn more and be closer to god so we tell them how they can be, but they don´t keep the promises to read or come to church so they can´t progress so we don´t have any success, but this week was much better

Super pumped for the baptism because I´ve been teaching the lady Isabel the entire time I´ve been here and she really wants to get baptized! Excited for this coming week, but ya that´s it, not a whole lot. Love you all! Abrazos y besos!  

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