Monday, November 12, 2012

Monkey'ing Around in Cartagena

Well I´m finally free! Spent 4 days in the house studying and I was going crazy!
Nathan & Kiki

Nathan & New Companion Elder Mañuico from Peru
We had changes last week and I got a new companion from Peru, his name is Elder Mañuico. Everythings been going great with him. The day of changes I didn´t have a companion so I went around with the zone leader and bought a bunch of stuff for new apartments and ATE SUBWAY! It was heaven!

FHE - All Elder w/ Personal Fans.
Then later that night we had a ton of extra missionaries stay the night and there were two Elder Andersons. One is Marky Mark´s brother and the other is Dub´s friend! Small world! Dub´s friend is living in the house and Mark´s brother went to another area, but crazy! Also heard that the other missionaries that stayed in Provo got their visas and they just got here the other day.

With the comp changes I got booted out of my room so now I sleep on a matress on the floor. We finally got mail!!! So yes mom I finally got the package and loved it! Chocolate is amazing! Also got a bunch of letters too!

We didn´t have a ton of lessons today since we only went out on Monday and Tuesday, but we had some rockin lessons with a couple investigators! They were awesome until we got to the end and couldn´t give them a book of mormon beacause we don´t have any at the house...Bummer...

That´s about it, but the highlight of my week was that.. I HELD A MONKEY!!! It was awesome!!!! My life is almost complete! It´s name is Kiki and a boy, don´t understand that part though. Well that´s it for my week. Love you all!

Abrazos y besos!

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