Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Festival Week Coming up in Cartagena

November 5, 2012

Well it´s been a pretty normal week with everything. Lessons, walking, sweating, understanding a little more, but all good! 

This week my bag broke, the bottom of it just ripped open so I borrowed one from another elder for now until I buy a new one. We eat at members houses for lunch and we ate sooo much food. Every time I think I´m gonna puke from how much I eat. And alot of times I have no idea what I´m eating. Weather this last week was nuts! 

We had some crazy lightning, and the thunder was so loud! Scared me a few times. Also one of the days it rained soo much. The streets were rivers and I was just soaked, it didn´t even matter that I had an umbrella. It was pretty cool though. 

For exercise we have a make shift bar, meaning its a bar and at either end has two paint cans filled with cement. But we don´t do much. I feel myself getting weaker and my muscle getting smaller. For pday we wash, clean, shop, and usually go out in the city to the centro or something, but today we couldn´t because its a festival.  In lessons tvs are my kryponite. It doesn´t even matter if it is in spanish, I can´t look away. The other night the power went out and I woke up just wet, it was awful. I spent two and a half hours fanning myself with envelopes trying to stay cool. It was miserable. 

This week is some sort a festival thing in Cartagena so from thursday to sunday we can´t leave the house. Also maybe wednesday we might not be able. Not looking forward to being inside that long. But ya, that´s about it! Haven´t gotten letters yet, should be getting them this week. Love you all! 

Abrazos y besos!  

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