Tuesday, March 26, 2013

¡Elder Gordito!

March 25, 2013

I´m getting fat¡¡¡ People keep feeding us everytime we go to their house and also now we have to eat dinner¡¡ thirty minutes of exercise in the morning is not enough to counter the effects of eating all day.  I am kinda exercising, it´s just kinda hard because we have nothing to use, just my jump rope. We can throw the frisbee but my comp doesn´t really like to run around ehh. (Oh and also my exclamation isn´t working so I´m using the upside down one.).

The things I like most about Barranquilla are:

  • It´s breezy.
  • The members love us here.
  • It´s cheaper than Cartagena. 
  • Foods that I love:  arroz con coco, the fish here is great. Well, I pretty much just eat anything people put in front of me

This week was good, we´re still mainly just working on finding new people to teach because we don´t have very many investigators. But the good thing about this week was that it was cloudy so I didn´t sweat too much.

I found out why the members love us so much, it´s because before there weren´t missionaries in this area so when they got put back, the members really appreciated them. We had some really good lessons this week, and also found a few kinda crazy people. One guy had a Jesus shrine in his back room with statues and candles burning, it freaked me out a little bit, but we´re working hard with a few people so hopefully they´ll get to baptism in April.

This week there was a National soccer game, Colombia against Bolovia. I never had a harder day in my life. Everyone was either at the game, in their house watching the game, or in a bar watching the game. It was literally impossible to have a lesson¡ Super frustrating especially since there is another tomorrow against Venezuela so it´ll be rough tomorrow too.

We have transfer tomorrow too and some one said that there is a surprise for our district so I think that means one of us that just got here is going to be leaving. I really hope it´s not me, because I really hate packing.

For pday we didn´t really do much, just chilled in the house and slept. It´s my personal goal to do something fun this coming pday, I´m sick of sitting in our house. Well that´s it¡¡ Love you all¡ Abrazos y besos¡

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