Thursday, March 13, 2014

Transfers & Still in Turbaco

March 3, 2014

Metal Shop
What´s up everyone?! So first things first.....transfers.....just as I thought, I´m still here in Turbaco with Elder Ariza, but the other missionaries in the district were changed. Elder Otteson has a greenie from Brasil, Elder Ribeiro, and now there is a three sister trio... Hermana Thomas, Quiroz (Peru), and Quiroz (Honduras). So that´s how my district is looking like now. 

I am Iron Bar Man
This week unfortunately was Not the wedding of Carmen and Osvaldo because there were some problems with Osvaldo´s son. The son came here to study, but the school that he is supposed to study at is under construction, so no one is studying until the end of march. The mom didn´t want him to lose so much time not learning so Osvaldo had to pay to send him back to where the mom lives. 

 BUT this week Carmen made dessert things to sell to the members to raise the money for the wedding. The official official date for the wedding is this Friday. I know you are all probably tired of hearing that has been put off, but this is official now. 

Church was good this week. We have more people coming to church and the ward attendance has risen these last few Sundays. Also, every week the ward chooses an organization, young men, young women, elders quorum, relief society etc. and visits the less active members from that group. This week they didn´t have anyone to visit so a lot of the members went out to visit our investigators. We left to work with the first counsler Orlando, he´s super funny and he knows a ton of people so he introduced us to some of his friends and we´re going to pass by them another day to teach. 

So that´s kind of it for what has been happening this week, one of my highlight experiences was with Carmen. When we went to visit her the other day, Orlando wanted to know more about her and how she liked the church. It was so great to hear her share how in her life she has been looking to be filled, but hasn´t felt that in other churches. She told us that attending our church and learning more, she feels like she belongs in a family and wants to keep progressing together with Osvaldo. 

 I´m so happy that I have been able to be part of this process for her and we´re going to do everything possible so that she can get married this week. 

I love you all! Abrazos y besos!

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