Thursday, March 13, 2014

Carmen & Osvaldo's Wedding FINALLY Happened!!

February 10, 2014

What is up? How`s it going stateside? It`s been kind of rough down here as far as the weather goes, it`s starting to rain. The only problem is that it`s only sprinkling, which means everything more hot and humid, which means it feels like I`m suffocating, but it`s all good! 

This week was super great because Carmen and Osvaldo got married! Yes!

Carmen, Oswaldo and Juan David
 I`m serious! It was such a hectic day. The dude that was going to marry them called at 1 and said that he was going to get there at 6 (which before he told us 7) so we were scrambling to call everyone to let them know about the time change. We got to the church at 5:30 and started setting up the chairs, food, and other stuff. Then 6 rolled around and the man still hadn`t arrived, so that was when we started getting nervous. 

We tried calling the man, but he had his cell phone turned off. 6:30. Members start asking us why the dude wasn`t there and
we had no idea. 7. Freaking out. 7:30. Contact! His flight had just landed and was heading over. 8. Waiting. 8:30. Arrived! Started the service, watched them get married and left at 8:56 to get home. (I`m soo happy we live in front of the church). 

That was pretty much the best part of this week and now Carmen will be getting baptized this Saturday (15)! so now we`re working toward the baptism. This week will be a zone meeting (just missionaries) and also a zone conference (with president) so we should be pretty busy this week. 

Today for pday we went to a mall to print off pictures and buy some picture frames to give to Carmen and Osvaldo, but that`s it for the today's pday adventures. 

I love you all! Abrazos y besos!

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