Monday, March 24, 2014

Getting Warmer in Colombia

March 24, 2014

What´s up? This week has been a little tough, it´s starting to get hotter :( . We haven´t had any rain here either so there aren´t even clouds to provide a little bit of shade. 

This week we´ve been working really hard with a family that was a reference from a member and another reference in addition, but none of them showed up to church yesterday. However, we did have a less active family come! We have been passing by to visit them for literally 2 months and they finally came to church yesterday! We are also working quite a bit with the ward members, which helps a ton because they can pass by the less actives and investigators a lot more often than we can. 

This last week I've also been a little sick, so I went to my med stash and realized that I had a ton of pills and medicine that have expired. Thank you mom for all your work to put together my missionary pharmacy, but about 3/4´s of it is now in the trash. But don´t worry I´m fine and alive. Also for the toe update, I´m fine, no problems for now. 

The bishop has also been talking about calling Carmen and Osvaldo to be ward missionaries, so we have copied some parts of Preach My Gospel for them so that they can study the mission lessons. They are great! Carmen knows soo much about the Bible, she busts out stories that I don´t even remember or know exist. 

#thatspecialmoment w/ Javier
On Saturday there was another baptism of an investigator of the sisters. I also  interviewed another one of their investigators, so the ward has another baptism this coming Saturday. 

Super tube rig so that the water goes straight to the drain
Yesterday was kind of rough as far as working. There is a big festival going on in another town and a ton of people went there making it very difficult to find people at home. We´re pumped to get going for this week and for conference for this coming week!

To answer some questions:  There are around 210 missionaries in our mission, with about 30 of those being North Americans.

I love you all! 

Abrazos y besos!

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