Monday, March 31, 2014

Almost My Birthday & It's Getting Warmer!

March 31, 2014

Mas calor!!! This week has been pretty toasty! Some days are pretty rough because our area is very hilly and it´s really tiring walking long distances, but it´s all worth it. 

We´ve been working quite a bit with the members this week. They´ve taken us to their friends or family members that want to listen to us, which had been super great getting the members more involved. Usually the new converts are the best for sharing their testimonies and experiences about the church. I will definitely to do more of that when I get home. 

Before (with bedhead)
We´re working a lot with a guy named Felix. He´s really good buddies with the young mens president. He has come to church a few times and comes almost every Saturday for the activities and to play the guitar. Felix works a lot

 so we´re having trouble getting together, but he really likes the church. 

 Also, we´re teaching another guy named German. He listened to the missionaries about 12 years ago and they helped him and his wife get married. Then they moved and didn´t have anymore contact with the church. BUT German works with the first consejero (I don´t know how to spell it in English), Orlando, so he took us to visit his buddy. So now  we are teaching German and his 3 boys and we´re getting them prepped to be baptized in May. 

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting. I was sitting there all calm listening to everyone, then I realized that I´m probably going to be transferred on the 9th. It made me feel kind of sad that I´m going to be leaving Turbaco. It´s been one of my favorite areas in the mission. So I went up and shared my testimony and thanked the members for helping me feel at home and really loved here. 

Don´t worry, I stayed strong and held back the tears. 
We think Javier got stabbed or something, but
don´t worry, this picture is a little old, he´s healing

That´s kind of it for this week. Getting pumped for some General Conference and my birthday!! 

I really can´t believe that it´s my birthday again! Especially that I´m turning 21, it doesn't seem like I should be this old, but time really passes fast. I´ve been thinking about the fact that I´m not a little kid anymore. I´m an adult and I´m going to have to be doing adult things. When I get home I want to do things differently than before.

I´m old :( I love you all! Abrazos y besos!

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